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Israel’s PM in Moscow to talk Trump peace deal with Putin

Israel’s PM in Moscow to talk Trump peace deal with Putin

The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu who called Trump’s plan “the deal of the century” arrived in Moscow. The visit aimed at the discussion of the peace plan’s details with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, Reuters reported on Thursday.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin have met in Kremlin on Thursday. For Israeli PM, the working visit to Russia was important for two reasons. First of all, Mr Netnyahu planned to discuss US President’s Middle East peace plan with the Russian leader. Secondly, Israeli PM also used to the opportunity to thank President Putin for pardoning an Israeli woman who had been jailed in Russia on a drug charge.

“I would like to thank you on behalf of the entire nation of Israel for your timely decision to release Naama Issachar,” said Israeli top official upon arriving in Kremlin.

It is worth to note that Israeli PM has been personally lobbying for Mrs Issachar’s release. In 2019, the woman had been arrested for possessing several grams of marijuana at the Moscow Airport and was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Putin welcomed Netanyahu in Kremlin

The peace plan for the Middle East was created in the United States. Immediately upon its presentation by Jared Kushner, the plan has been rejected by the Palestinians for proposing Israel retain control over Jerusalem as its “undivided capital” and giving the green light for the annexation of Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

That White House’s strategy has also been criticized by many around the world for not inviting Palestinian leaders into the discussion before it was unveiled.

Israeli PM at the start of their meeting in the Kremlin told the Russian leader that he wanted to hear his insights. Putin’s opinion should give Netanyahu the clue how Israelis and Palestinians can combine all their forces “for security and peace.”

“You’re actually the first leader I’m speaking with after my visit to Washington about President Trump’s Deal of the Century,” Israeli top official said.