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Leaked US documents contain scenarios for Israeli arms supplies to Ukraine.

Leaked US documents contain scenarios for Israeli arms supplies to Ukraine.

Pentagon documents leaked to the net consider scenarios in which Israel would agree to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine, US media reported.

According to CNN, one of the documents titled “Israel: Ways to Provide Lethal Assistance to Ukraine” states that Tel Aviv “will likely consider providing lethal assistance to (Ukraine) under increased US pressure or in the event of a perceived worsening” of relations with Russia.

The document, dated Feb. 28 and labeled top secret “research analysis,” notes that Israel is committed to providing Ukraine with reconnaissance and non-lethal defense systems. It is noted that such a policy is due to the need to maintain a balance in relations with Russia and the United States and to have freedom of action in Syria, The New York Times notes.

According to the newspaper, the “most plausible” of the four scenarios outlined in the document is Israel’s adoption, under US pressure, of the “Turkish model” of providing lethal systems to Ukraine through third countries, while advocating a peaceful end to the conflict and offering mediation efforts. The document notes that Turkey successfully combines maintaining good relations with Russia with efforts to supply weapons to Ukraine.

Other scenarios that could prompt Israel to supply lethal weapons systems to Ukraine involve a potential deterioration in relations with Russia that could occur if Moscow transfers “strategic systems to Iran” or assists in Tehran’s missile and nuclear programs, the report says. Russia’s use of advanced air defense systems against Israeli military aircraft operating in Syria could also be a potential factor in the deterioration of relations, the newspaper adds, citing the document.

The document lists Israeli weapons that could be transferred to Ukraine, including Barak-8 and Spyder surface-to-air missiles, as well as Spike anti-tank guided missiles.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in January that the country was considering supplying Ukraine with the Iron Dome missile defense system. At the same time, Israel has so far refrained from supplying weapons to Ukraine.