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Lech Walesa proposes to dissolve the European Union

Lech Walesa proposes to dissolve the European Union

The European Union should disband and create a new association, and not compromise with Poland, said the country’s former president and long-term head of the Solidarity trade union, Lech Walesa.

“If the European Commission agrees to KPO (Polish National Recovery Plan after the coronavirus pandemic), it will be its defeat. The European Union should dissolve and in a minute create a new community based on Germany and France, but without Poland and Hungary,” — explained Walesa

According to him, if Warsaw wanted to join a new union, then it would have to agree not only with the rights, but also with the obligations imposed by the union.

“And set them in such a way that the antics that are happening today are no longer repeated,” Walesa added.

This week, the EC approved a recovery plan for the coronavirus-hit Polish economy totaling more than 35 billion euros. The project was approved with a delay and despite the EU’s continued claims to Warsaw regarding the observance of the rule of law. According to media reports, the positive decision of the European Commission was influenced by Poland’s position in the situation around Ukraine.