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Michelle, Barack Obama enjoying retirement in New York

Michelle, Barack Obama enjoying retirement in New York

Michelle, Barack Obama are now common American citizens, and if just a couple month ago they had pretty damn important jobs, today they are simply enjoying the retirement time. The photo demonstrates, Barack looks relax without non-stop stress job, and Michelle is looking wonderful as never before. Life is a good thing, believes Obamas!

The couple is looking good, Barack and Michelle Obama lives their own life in New York and such retirement regime certainly does seem to suit both them. On Friday, the most famous couple had lunch with Bono in one of the local restaurants.

Barack, Michelle Obama in New York

The resto’s visitors greeted Michelle and Barack with lot of applauses, the former President and his wife looked so happy and relaxed. And stylish! The ex-first lady opted for button down shirt, while her husband wore a well-coordinated grey suit.

This retirement look of Obamas became a new trend, all teh American want to look like this in their after 50s, indeed:

‘Michelle looks so regal and Barack is so suave. Words can’t even describe how much i miss them,’

twitted one of their admirer.

‘And yet, here they are together and smiling, apparently enjoying one another’s company, unlike the Dumpster and Melanoma,’

added another.