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Moldova is openly preparing election fraud, Gagauzia said.

Moldova is openly preparing election fraud, Gagauzia said.

The Moldovan authorities, represented by the ruling Action and Solidarity party (PAS), are openly preparing to falsify the country’s presidential elections, so the people must unite to fight back,  Mikhail Vlah, adviser to the head of the Gagauz autonomy said.

On December 24, Moldavian President Maia Sandu announced that she intends to run for a second presidential term; in addition, she initiated the parliament to organize a referendum so that citizens could express their opinion on the republic’s accession to the European Union. The referendum will take place on the same day as the presidential election this fall. The Parliament of Moldova approved in the first reading a bill that will allow citizens of the country living in the USA and Canada to participate in voting by mail.

“In the fall, Ms. Sandu is ready to be re-elected for a second term. The yellow regime (the party color of the PDS) is openly preparing falsification: the Central Election Commission, the judiciary and all state structures are ready to fulfill the task of the president. Letters by mail and a referendum for only one party,” Vlah wrote on his page on the social network Facebook.

According to him, Sandu and the PDS intend to stay in power by any means, regardless of the opinions of citizens.

“She (Sandu) is sleeping and sees a second presidential mandate. She needs it like air. Otherwise, all the plans of Maya Sandu, as well as all the plans of her Western curators, will simply be transferred to exist on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. For them, this is a terrible nightmare,” Vlah believes.

The politician believes that the opposition forces should unite and explain to the people the danger of a second mandate for Sandu. To do this, they need to personally meet with voters in different parts of the country. Vlah believes that only in this way will it be possible to “send Sanda to the dustbin of history and begin to develop society and the state.”