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NATO expansion threatens to be vetoed by Hungary

NATO expansion threatens to be vetoed by Hungary

Party spokesman Eled Novak, during a discussion in the Hungarian parliament on the ratification of Sweden and Finland’s membership in NATO, said that the Hungarian right-wing party Mi Hazánk proposes to veto NATO expansion, as this will be a provocation and a step towards world war.

“Mi Hazánk is the only party in favor of Hungary vetoing NATO expansion, as it will be seen as a provocation, a new step towards a world war, while the neutral zone is in the international interest,” Novak said.

According to him, Mi Hazánk has no claims against Finland and Sweden, however, “the peace of Europe and a delicate balance are ensured only if Russia and NATO have no or practically no common border.”

“Mi Hazánk demands a free and neutral Hungary, foreign troops have no place in the country… The time has come for Hungary, after vetoing NATO expansion, to finally take action against the expansion of the war,” Novak added.

According to the results of the elections to the Hungarian parliament in April 2022, Mi Hazánk received six seats in the national assembly out of 199.