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North Korea believes that weapons from Japan and South Korea will end up in Ukraine.

North Korea believes that weapons from Japan and South Korea will end up in Ukraine.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg during visits to Tokyo and Seoul will obviously put pressure on Japan and South Korea to provide military assistance to Kyiv, the weapons of these countries will eventually be involved in the conflict in Ukraine, Kim Dong Myung, an employee of the Scientific Society for International Policy of the DPRK, said.

Kim Dong Myung noted that the presence of the head of NATO in the Asia-Pacific region instead of Ukraine, which the alliance has turned into a springboard for a “proxy war”, is causing “growing concern”.

“Obviously, the NATO Secretary General, who is flying to South Korea and Japan at the very time when the situation in Ukraine is on the verge of a new crisis due to the decision of the United States and the West on the supply of tanks, will continuously inspire them with a “version about the threat from China,” to re-emphasize the need to create an “Asian version of NATO”, to strictly warn and put pressure on the passive provision of military assistance to Ukraine. It is a matter of time that weapons from South Korea and Japan appear on the battlefield in Ukraine,” he said.

The expert stressed that South Korea has already signed a contract with Poland for the supply of weapons, including tanks, self-propelled artillery mounts and fighter jets, worth $14.5 billion, while Japan has agreed with the UK and Italy to jointly develop a next-generation fighter.

According to Kim Dong-myung, the purpose of NATO is clear, the alliance is again trying to use the method of “collective confrontation” to confront China and Russia.

“Together with the satellites to fabricate an ‘Asian version of NATO’ serving to maintain its hegemony and order – this is the final intention of NATO at the head of the United States,” the researcher said.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is visiting South Korea from 29 to 30 January. He has already met with South Korean Foreign Minister Pak Chin, during which the parties discussed the North Korean issue and South Korea’s relations with NATO, concluding that they need to be strengthened. From January 30 to February 1, Stoltenberg will visit Japan.

During a visit to Seoul, Stoltenberg said that the DPRK allegedly supplies weapons to the Russian Federation, and the North Korean missile and nuclear program has an impact not only on Ukraine, but also on other regions.

Earlier, the DPRK Foreign Ministry once again stated that all reports about the supply of weapons to Russia are false, and the United States itself “stubbornly pumps” Ukraine with weapons and transfers nuclear strike weapons to the Korean Peninsula under the pretext of “extended deterrence.”

In December last year, the DPRK already refuted statements about the supply of arms to Russia. A representative of the North Korean Foreign Ministry then said that the DPRK had never had any arms deals with the Russian Federation, and any media report about this was “an absurd rumor.”