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Orban told who is interested in the conflict in Ukraine.

Orban told who is interested in the conflict in Ukraine.

Record-breaking arms manufacturers, speculators and large Western economic circles who want access to Russian natural resources are interested in continuing the conflict in Ukraine, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview.

“A war always has a reason why it started … But different interests always join in: you can sell weapons. Arms manufacturers are flourishing. If you look at the stock performance of arms manufacturers, there is a huge increase. For speculators – the Klondike, for smugglers – Klondike,” Orban said on Kossuth radio.

The Hungarian prime minister recalled that there are large Western economic circles, including the American billionaire George Soros, who “always dreamed of somehow setting foot on Ukrainian soil – and they succeeded – and also gaining access to Russia’s natural resources.”

Orban also said that he remembers well how in the 1990s, during the Boris Yeltsin era, the West and America wanted to invest in Russian production and thus “acquire Russian natural resources on a business basis.” After that, “After that, President [Vladimir] Putin, who replaced Yeltsin, put an end to it, kicked them out of the country and took back control of Russia’s economic resources,” he said.