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Prince Harry: Haribo factory in Castleford presented his own ‘Harry Mix’

Prince Harry: Haribo factory in Castleford presented his own ‘Harry Mix’

Prince Harry likes Haribo jelly gummies, on Friday, the Royal got his own mix named after him personally. ‘Harry mix’ is the unique candy gift, which Haribo staff had created a sweet in the shape of the Prince’s head.

Prince Harry got his own mix of the famous Haribo jelly gums, ‘Harry mix’ became a real surprise for a jovial red-headed royal. On Friday, the grandson of Queen visited a new £92 million Haribo factory in Castleford where he received this original gift.

After visiting the production and packing areas, the Prince was shown a table filled with the multi-coloured jelly sweets. Looking initially confused, he said: “What are these?”, before shaking his head and asking the staff: “Are you having a laugh?”. He then picked up a green sweet and ate it. He is amazing, this Prince Harry!

Prince Harry (right) meets employees at the Haribo sweet factory

Prince Harry likes Haribo golden bears

The sweet factory employs 730 people, Leeds was the last stop of Prince in his short visit this week. Harry confessed he liked to eat Haribo Gold Bears as a child, the Prince had a short conversation with the staff in the canteen and signed a visitors’ book before leaving.

The managing director Herwig Vennekens was so grateful Harry for his visit:

“It’s such a unique thing we could do to thank him for coming and spending time with employees. It was really worth the effort. He brought so many smiles to the faces of the staff.”

Harry was then given one Haribo box containing four 200g bags of the unique “Harry Mix” sweets, which were made especially for Friday’s HRH visit and will not be sold to the public. The laughing royal has a great sense of humour, he chose the green candy in the shape of his head and ate it with great pleasure. Haribo often reminds the taste of the childhood!