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Prince Harry pays an official visit to Denmark

Prince Harry pays an official visit to Denmark

Prince Harry is overload with the different public duties, one of them is an official visit to Denmark. The British royal rounded off a whirlwind day in Copenhagen by attending a glittering drinks reception hosted by the British ambassador.

Queen Elizabeth’s grandson scheduled to spend in Denmark two days, it is the first official visit to the country. The trip is being made at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and is seen as a way to drum up some good feeling towards the UK amid the ongoing Brexit negotiations. During his first day in Denmark capital, Prince Harry got an audience with Queen Margrethe at the Palace of Amalienborg.

On Wednesday, the 33-year-old prince visited several social projects and finished the first day of his first visit to Denmark with the event at the Tivoli Gardens in a central part of the old city. The crowds gathered over there, so Harry impressed the people by adding a few words in Danish to his speech.

Prince Harry arrived Copenhagen for two days

The young royal arrived Copenhagen by private jet, the royal met the 77-year-old monarch at her so-called winter Amalienborg Palace. The pair met privately before arriving together at the Knights Hall, a grand room used for greeting guests. Both royals tied much closer than we used to think, Harry is related to Queen Margrethe II through his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh.

It is not known what the pair discussed but it is likely that Brexit may have been among topics on the table as well as the number of social projects in both countries.