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Putin, Trump will likely have contact on sidelines of G20: Lavrov

Putin, Trump will likely have contact on sidelines of G20: Lavrov

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump will have the chance to talk personally very soon, said Sergei Lavrov, meaning the next week’s G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.

The first personal meeting of the leaders may become a reality next week: presidents of Russia and USA will be at the same time in the same city, the same building, the same hall. The G20 summit in Hamburg is a logical venue and reason for both world leaders to talk.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov noticed at a joint press conference with his Sigmar Gabriel, the German counterpart. In particular, Mr Lavrov said that Putin and Trump are going to discuss the normalisation of relationships between their countries, not only a crisis in Syria and Ukraine.

According to Mr Lavrov the main focus should be on the “normalisation” of the US-Russia relations:

“First of all, we should try to achieve normalisation of dialogue, so that the dialogue is based on the fundamental interests of both Russia and the US,”

the Russian foreign minister added at the press conference in Krasnodar.

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Putin-Trump meeting in G20’s sidelines is important for interntional community

Sigmar Gabriel, the German foreign minister, highly appreciates the possibility of a Putin-Trump meeting,

“The [German] Federal Government and I would hail a meeting between the presidents of Russia and the US in the G20 framework,”

German minister explained. His Russian counterpart added that distorted picture, formed in Washington under the influence of Russophobic sentiments shared by many politicians, is harmful to all. Such an approach brings only negativism into the relations between the countries. First of all, Russophobic sentiments are harmful to the US itself.

“It harms the US itself, in my opinion, and definitely doesn’t help to solve international issues, which both Russia and the US could contribute to,”

said Lavrov.