Today: Friday, 1 December 2023 year

Queen Elizabeth needs a royal pillow fluffer

Queen Elizabeth needs a royal pillow fluffer

Queen Elizabeth needs a royal pillow fluffer, this position is open to the specialist who desires to run the Windsor household. Pillow and curtain maker will be paid well, 22,000 pounds a year, Windsor castle job board informs.

Windsor family job board opened a vacancy for someone who wants to be in charge of all the soft furnishings of the Royal Castle. It’s quite interesting and responsible job, and it is not simply making sure pillows or curtains.

The official position title sounds like Curtain Maker and Soft Furnishing Upholsterer, the annual payment for this is 22,000 pounds. The job description starts with:

“It’s knowing your curtains add the finishing touch to the state rooms.”


It is worth to note that Queen’s Windsor castle boasts 1,000 rooms, so that is no deficit of finishing touches to have in perfect condition. Probably, the potential royal upholsterer will have no time for boring.

The eventual hire will certainly have his or her work cut out with the job listing explaining that between Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and St. James’s Palace, there will be “more than a thousand rooms, all containing various furniture and furnishings.”