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Russia, Iran, Turkey to hold summit on Syria in July

Russia, Iran, Turkey to hold summit on Syria in July

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan rejects the US peace plan for the Middle East but he is ready to hold another summit, during which Russia, Iran and Turkey will discuss the latest developments in the Middle East.

President Erdogan told the press after the G20 summit in Japan that Turkey will never positively consider the White House’s plan for the Middle East.

Under the US plan dubbed “Peace to Prosperity,” $28 billion would go toward the West Bank and the Gaza Strip for next ten years. The rest ($22 bln) planned as financial support for Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt, which have absorbed Palestinian refugees.

Jared Kushner’s plan was criticized harshly due to its “illusory”, the Palestinian Finance Minister Shukri Bishara has rejected the US-devised plan as a non-working that will fail to bring about peace.

Last week, the Middle Eastern leaders have gathered in Bahrain for the conference on Jared Kushner’s plan. The local media told the story of a rather lacklustre reception to Kushner’s ideas and overall scepticism regarding the feasibility of the “Peace to Prosperity” plan. 

Christine Lagarde, the International Monetary Fund managing director, also cast doubt on the ability to generate the kind of economic growth Kushner proposed in conflict environments like Gaza and the West Bank.

After failure of “Peace to Prosperity” plan, Turkish President sees the only opportunity to improve the situation in the Middle East region. The next summit with the participation of Russia, Iran and Turkey should find the ways of exit from Syrian crisis.