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Samoa hit by torrential rain, flooding

Samoa hit by torrential rain, flooding

Samoa suffers from heavy rains and flooding after the small island nation faced a natural disaster. The local authorities are urging people to exercise extreme caution as heavy rain continued, Samoa Observer reports.

Following the night of relentless downpours on Thursday, Samoa suffers from heavy flooding. Apia, the capital city, reports that traffic has been brought to a complete halt in some areas. Other parts of the Pacific island reported the landslides while the riverbanks have burst across the country.

Samoa’s ministries are on standby for any request for assistance from the National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC).

The Samoan authorities urged residents living in low-lying areas that are vulnerable to flooding to evacuate. Many public services have been closed due to dangerous and unpredictable weather conditions.

In its efforts to save the lives, the Public Service Commission said that all but “essential services employees” were advised to stay home. Those from essential service ministries should seek to manage any emergencies in coordination with the NEOC, PSC added in the statement.

The neighbouring nations, Fiji and Tonga, also suffers from heavy rains. Cyclone Yasa is the result of “another active” convergence zone, according to the Samoa Meteorology Office.

To avoid the unpredictable consequences, Samoans are advised to stay home unless it’s crucial to go outside because periods of torrents with heavy thunderstorms as well as gusty winds are anticipated for Friday.