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Sudan: Protesters call on President Bashir to step down

Sudan: Protesters call on President Bashir to step down

In Sudan, the demonstrations began on 19 December after the government announced price rises for fuel, bread. The protesters demand President Omar al-Bashir step down.

The era of Bashir’s ruling should be ended as soon as possible, say the protesters. Against the background of the social protests, the economic situation in the African country is worsening. The most recent government’s decision to raise prices for fuel and bread have escalated into broader calls for an end to the rule of Bashir.

People were heard chanting: “Freedom, peace, and justice. Revolution is the people’s choice.”

The current national leader Omar al-Bashir came to power after a coup in 1989. Thirty years after, the human rights activists accuse him of mismanaging the economy and his regime has been accused of widespread human rights abuses. According to the International Criminal Court. in 2009 and 2010, Bashir was charged with multiple counts of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. In 2010, ICC has issued a warrant for Sudanese president’s arrest.

In the frame of humanitarian assistance projects, the EU has allocated of €200 million to Sudan and South Sudan since 2015, these funds should help stem migration from East Africa but such a scheme doesn’t work.

Sudan rocked by non-stop demonstrations

The second month in a row, Sudan has been rocked by two weeks of sometimes deadly street demonstrations, anti-Bashir protests first erupted in mid-December over inflation.

According to the experts, the conflicts and a failure to boost agriculture in a country once renowned as a major grain producer have left Sudan’s economy in a shambles, despite Washington DC lifting a two-decade trade embargo in 2017.

The protests in Omdurman, close to the capital Khartoum, began after Friday prayers. Many of those taking part came straight from the Al Syiad Abderhaman mosque, which is linked to the opposition Umma party.