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Summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un: why Singapore?

Summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un: why Singapore?

The summit in Singapore is one of the most anticipated events in the modern diplomatic history, the meeting face-to-face between Trump and Kim Jong Un was announced in a tweet Thursday. Singapore will welcome two leaders on June 12, The Washington Post reported.

According to Tom Plant, an expert in nuclear and proliferation issues at London’s Royal United Services Institute, Singapore is just a perfect place for the upcoming summit.

 “Kim will be on friendly territory, not hostile territory. But he wouldn’t be on home turf,”

said Plant.

No need to remind that Singapore is familiar ground for the reclusive communist country, which has its embassy in Singapore’s central business district. Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established in 1966. For the US, Singapore is a large trading partner, the second-largest Asian investor, and a longtime supporter of its military presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

The business ties between the United States and Singapore are rather tight, the regional headquarters of giants like Google, Facebook and Airbnb are in Singapore as well.

Trump and Kim Jong Un to meet in Singapore

The preparations for the upcoming summit are on the way, the experts believe that North Korean side will likely have a very large number of logistical and protocol issues it wants addressed by the summit venue, so having an NK embassy in Singapore is likely a requirement.

Trump and Kim have agreed to the first face-to-face North Korea-U.S. summit since the end of the Korean War (1950-53). The normalization of the relations between two countries are continuing, President Trump welcomed three Americans home overnight. Their release comes before an expected Singapore summit, and the U.N. human rights expert is welcoming North Korea’s release of three Americans as “another important building block” for peace prospects and urged NK to release six South Korean nationals.

Talking about the summit, Hillary Clinton reminded that it’s crucial that U.S. troops remain on the Korean Peninsula and that the United States remains a Pacific power.