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The French politician called Paris a pawn of Washington.

The French politician called Paris a pawn of Washington.

France is a pawn of the United States, and this does not allow it to be a mediator in Ukraine, the leader of the French right-wing Patriots party, Florian Filippo said.

“If France were free, if it were Gaullist, if France were not subordinate to the EU and NATO, it could play a balancing role, the role of a mediator, I am sure of this, because we have a diplomatic tradition, we have historical ties with Russia, we have always been able to negotiate with different countries,” he said.

But today, France cannot act in this capacity because of its subordinate position in the international arena.

“I believe that France has a privileged position for a mediating role – political, historical and geographical, but today’s France, which does not even look like France, is a pawn of Washington, and this position prevents it from acting,” Filippo said.

The leader of the Patriots party is convinced that France will be able to play the role of a mediator in Ukraine when it leaves both the EU and NATO.