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The head of the German Left Party predicted protests over fuel prices

The head of the German Left Party predicted protests over fuel prices

Germany will be seized by protests in the fall over energy prices and inflation in general, activists from various public and environmental associations should unite to put pressure on the federal government, says the head of the German Left Party, Martin Schirdevan.

“The Union of Tenants (Germany) reports that millions of households are facing problems due to paying for heating, especially those with low incomes. And in this regard, of course, there will be protests in Germany,” Shirdevan said at a press conference in Monday.

He pointed out that calls for protests in September are also being heard in Austria, Britain and France.

“All over Europe there will be protest movements because of energy prices, because of inflation in general and because of the misguided policies that the governments in these countries are trying to deal with the crisis. And this will also happen in Germany,” explained the head of the party.

According to him, this is why the Left Party invites public associations, activists and climate movements, as well as representatives of trade unions to join forces.

“In order to put pressure on corporations, so that this pressure can then be redirected to the federal government – in order to correct the wrong anti-crisis policy on both social issues and environmental issues,” the representative of the left said.