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Trump called on Europe to spend more on Ukraine.

Trump called on Europe to spend more on Ukraine.

Former US President Donald Trump believes that Europe should spend as much as the United States on financing Ukraine, since the current situation is unfair to the United States.

In an interview with Newsmax, Trump was asked whether he plans to cut funding to Ukraine if he is re-elected as president.

“Europe pays a small fraction of what we pay. European countries combined should pay the same (as the US) … They are in much greater danger than we are … Europe is spending about $100 billion less on Ukraine. This is unfair to America It’s not fair to the American taxpayer,” Trump responded.

Trump previously made it clear that if he wins the November US elections, he might convene a NATO summit in June 2025 to discuss the future of the alliance. Speaking at a rally of his supporters in South Carolina, the politician previously said that when he was president, the head of an unnamed “big country” of NATO asked him whether the United States would provide protection to the alliance in the event of an “attack” by Russia. Trump told him that he would not do this, since NATO countries do not allocate enough funds for defense. The ex-president added that he would “endorse them (the Russian Federation) to do whatever the hell they want.”

Trump also expressed dissatisfaction with the work of the alliance and threatened to withdraw the United States from the organization if European partners do not bear greater financial responsibility for their own security.