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Trump congratulates his Polish friend Duda ‘on historic re-election’

Trump congratulates his Polish friend Duda ‘on historic re-election’

Donald Trump has congratulated his Polish counterpart with the next political victory. Andrzej Duda, incumbent Poland’s head of the state won the run-off of the presidential election with the result of 51.03 percent of votes, PolandIn reports.

Prior to presidential elections in Poland, Donald Trump has been welcoming Andrzej Duda in the White House. The national leaders had an opportunity to discuss the latest developments on June 24, just before the first round of the election. This was Duda’s second official visit to Washington.

Duda came to power in 2015 on a platform of increased social benefits. In his first term, he lowered the retirement age for men from 67 to 65 and instituted a monthly allowance for families of 500 zloty ($130, €115) per child. He also strengthened Poland’s ties with NATO.

Upon declaring the official result of the presidential elections by the Polish State Electoral Commission (PKW), became clear that the 48-old former lawyer Duda was re-elected as president. According to the full results of the presidential election in Poland, the incumbent president received a total of 10,440,648 votes, while the Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski – 10,018,263 votes.

In other terms, 51.03 percent support for Trump ally Mr Duda and 48.97 percent for Mr Trzaskowski.

The turnout was determined to be 68.18 percent and was the second-highest in the history of Poland after the fall of communism. The highest turnout in the presidential run-off was recorded in 1995 and was at 68.23 percent.