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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces resignation

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces resignation

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stepped down. The politician announced this on Thursday, July 7.

He made this decision because of the political crisis and the wave of resignations of members of the British government. “The reason why I have fought so hard for the past few days to continue fulfilling my duties is not only my desire, but also the fact that I felt my duty, my responsibility to the people,” the politician said, adding that he is sad to give up “the best job in the world“.

Earlier in the day, Johnson met with Queen Elizabeth II and discussed his resignation with her. It is alleged that the prime minister told the monarch that the retention of the post was a courtesy on his part.

At the same time, Downing Street officials urged him to leave his post. The politician agreed with this, but said that he would remain in the post of prime minister until a new head of the ruling party was elected by autumn. Johnson says he wants a new Conservative leader named by the party conference.

On June 30, it became known that Johnson’s protégé, 52-year-old deputy coordinator of the British Conservative Party faction, Chris Pincher, was accused of drunken harassment of men. Immediately after the publication of this information, Pincher resigned. Caught in the center of another political scandal, the British Prime Minister said that he would not leave his post. In response, 53 members of the British government resigned.