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UN starts new round of Syria peace talks as fight comes to Damascus

UN starts new round of Syria peace talks as fight comes to Damascus

UN in Geneva welcomes the fifth round of Syria peace talks with the ‘clear agenda’, which was produced bu the sides in February. At the same time, a fight comes to Damascus, that fact complicates the talks a lot, say the political experts.

UN is still backing the peace talks in Geneva, where sides are trying to find a common ground and ways for settling the six-year war conflict. On Thursday, the fifth round of UN-backed Syria peace talks has begun.

Unfortunately, the next round of the talks started with scant hope of a breakthrough against a backdrop of fighting in Damascus and no sign of compromise despite the ‘clear agenda’ from February round, noted the UN envoy Staffan de Mistura.

For now, the Syrian regime and rebels oppose each other on all its points, probably, Geneva format of the peace talks isn’t so comfortable for the sides as Astana platform.

Syria's six-year conflict

Syria war conflict: facts and figures

Syria war conflict took lives of more than 320,000 people, during this period, millions of residents became the displaced persons and a reason for the Europe migrant crisis. The inbalance, political and economic, is evident but the opposite sides are still aren’t able to end the conflict. Instead of finding the solution, both sides accuse each other of a lack of commitment to do it.

Yehya Aridi of the High Negotiations Committee (HNC) claims that regime is ‘stubborn’:

“There’s little hope due to the stubbornness of the other side, which doesn’t really want to find a solution,”

he said. His opponent Bassam Abu Abdallah, an analyst who is close to the regime, said the regional allies of the opposition were the ones hindering the peace talks.