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US denies role in ‘assassination attempt’ on Venezuelan President Maduro

US denies role in ‘assassination attempt’ on Venezuelan President Maduro

While the United States denies role in ‘assassination attempt’ on Venezuelan leader on Saturday, the security services express the concern that removing the drone threat may not be enough to prevent another attack from the air, FT said.

Nicolas Maduro, a Venezuelan national leader, insists he was targeted by a double drone strike on Saturday in Caracas. That kind of attack revive fears that unmanned aircraft could one day be used to carry out a successful terrorist attack or even the assassination hit. In June, a Venezuelan police pilot and one-time film star commandeered a helicopter and attacked the Interior Ministry and Supreme Court, firing 15 shots and dropping grenades on the building below. That incident made security officials to introduce new international standards to reduce the security risks posed by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

On Saturday, Nicolas Maduro returned to TV a few hours later and placed blame for the attack at the feet of domestic political opponents, which he said were backed by financiers from Miami and Colombian leader Juan Manuel Santos. The White House denies role in ‘assassination attempt’ on Venezuelan leader additionally to the words of the US national security adviser John Bolton who said during the interview for Fox News,

“There is no US involvement in this at all. ‘If the government of Venezuela has hard information that they want to present to us that would show a potential violation of US criminal law, we’ll take a serious look at it.”

Iside the US, the Federal Aviation Administration now enforces a 30-mile radius no-fly zone in Washington DC with a 15-mile inner ring for drones in areas where flying an unmanned aircraft without FAA permission is prohibited. But while some companies have introduced geo-fencing into their systems, analysts say it offers only limited security against a UAV attack.

The reality is UAVs become more popular, cheaper and smarter, these flying remote control gadgets are multifunctional. Meanwhile, the governments of El Salvador, Nicaragua and Bolivia have condemned the attack on Nicolas Maduro in Caracas, as have the FARC, a Colombian terrorist group turned political party this year.