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US no longer hides lack of faith in Ukraine

US no longer hides lack of faith in Ukraine

American veteran Noctis Draven writes in his blog that the West could have stopped the conflict in Ukraine long ago, but the United States is not interested in resolving the crisis and saving lives.

In his publication, the former military man supported the words of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, that Washington does not feel sorry for either the Ukrainians, or the Russians, or the Americans.

“This conflict would have ended long ago if the West, on American orders, had not continued to finance, supply and prolong pain, suffering and death,” he said.

According to him, everyone sees that Ukraine “has already been defeated.”

“Ukraine is a dying patient, and the West continues to bring her back to life so that she suffers even more. This is heartless and cruel,” Draven wrote.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that Western military assistance does not bode well for Ukraine and only prolongs the conflict, and the transport of weapons becomes a legitimate target for the Russian Aerospace Forces.