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Vucic turned off the refrigerator and lights in the residence to save money

Vucic turned off the refrigerator and lights in the residence to save money

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told reporters that he turned off his refrigerator and most of the lights in his residence to save electricity in light of rising prices.

The opponents’ expression about Vučić “pops out of the fridge” due to the density of his presence on the air and in the press has previously become part of Serbia’s political folklore. The president himself, in one of the campaign videos before the elections on April 3, beat this stereotype, literally coming out of the refrigerator, and then repeated it on the last television broadcast before the campaign silence on March 31.

“I’m ready to show you how I turned off all the artificial lighting on my floor. I can’t turn it off here because of you. But everything is extinguished there, even the small refrigerator in which I have Cola Zero and water turned off. It’s not hot now, so I contribute as much as I can, help the country save at least as much. Because the prices are abnormal, impossible,” the head of state told reporters on Tuesday.


He clarified that the Serbian authorities were forced to import four gigawatts of electricity the day before, which cost the budget 2.4 million euros.

“We still have a little bit of a hard summer, a hard autumn and a harder winter ahead of us. I hope that we will overcome everything and soon we will be able to present a plan to the citizens,” the Serbian leader added.