American jobs need protection, Donald Trump says

July 1, 2016

Donald Trump criticised again Hillary Clinton, being underlined her real intentions — to ship American jobs overseas. The presidential nominee had his speech outside the shuttered Osram Sylvania plant, which closed in 2014. According to Trump many American factories and plants will be closed if Clinton wins.

Donald Trump revealed in his recent speech the real intentions of Hillary Clinton. Her economic plan consists of the simple thing: to delegate American jobs to overseas workers. Thus, Americans will face to more powerful unemployment very soon in case Clinton becoming the U.S. President. American jobs need protection, assured Trump.


Trump also demanded that the U.S. pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and take a hard look at rewriting/withdrawing from the NAFTA. Regarding the TPP, Donald Trump spoke out in very clear manner, when called this agreement extremely danger for the country. He said that TPP is a “death blow” for American manufacturing in the whole. That’s why American jobs need protection.