Petition to Melania Trump: Move to the White House or pay for your own security at Trump Tower

Last Updated: March 29, 2017

The US taxpayers are going to make Melania Trump pay for her security in Trump Tower from her own wallet or to move to the White House. The first lady’ security measures because of her separate living in New York are doubling the taxpayers’ expeses. On Monday, the online petition to Mrs Trump was published in

A petition to force Melania Trump to move to the White House or to pick up the costs for her security at Trump Tower has surpassed the 130,000 mark. When it reaches 150,000, it’ll be hand over to the Senator Bernie Sanders.

The ‘complex family situation’ described by the First Lady doesn’t satisfact the US taxpayers who cover whole complex of the security measures of Melania. The petition demands her to move to the husband or to pay for her security from her own budget not state one.

Melania Trump and son Barron

Melania Trump security: how much it cost to the US Taxpayers?

The New York Times published the data from New York Police Department’s costs regarding the security of the first lady – between $127,000 and $146,000 a day. The US petitioners frustrated with such amounts, in fact, they are not obliged to pay for the Trump’s security OUTSIDE of Washington DC because of Melania’s family situation.

“This is an exorbitant expense that the United States government can not afford. Donald Trump is trying to cut all kinds of social programmes for those who are less fortunate, & yet he is allowing the government to pay millions of dollars for security for 2 people, just because they don’t want to move to the White House,”

wrote Becky Olson-Kellogg of Minnesota.