Russia is the house that Putin built – and he’ll never abandon it

March 27, 2017

Russia is protesting against Putin and his prime minister Medvedev, in 99 cities, the thousands joined the biggest anti-government demonstrations. From 1999, there was no such scaled protesters’ movement. But Russia is the house that Putin built, and none can make him leave it.

Russia in 1999 was not the same as Russia in 2017 thanks to Vladimir Putin. This person became a symbol of stability after a decade and a half of turmoil that included the misguided and botched reform of the inherited system of USSR era.

Putin became the leader of a nation in 1999, after the end of ideology and the collapse of morals and the extremely painful dissolution of the Soviet Union. Putin has finished the ‘shock without therapy’, has made the Russian Army strong again, and restored Russia’s status of a great power, lost with the USSR. And now, the youth is protesting against Putin, calling him a thief.

Putin’s critic Alexei Navalny

Russia is due to hold its presidential elections in 2018, expectedly everyone wants Putin to run, and no one has any doubt about his victory but his critics like Alexei Navalny or Kara-Murza. Despite all the criticism, President’s team knows very well that Russia is the house that Putin built – and he’ll never abandon it.