Syria rejects Amnesty report on hangings at Saydnaya jail

February 8, 2017

Syria denies the facts and figures, which showed the international organisation Amnesty International in its report. According to this document, at least 13,000 people have been executed at a government jail. 

Syria’s officials outraged with the report of Amnesty International about the thousand people who were murdered at Saydnaya jail. The justice ministry rejects any claims naming them ‘completely untrue and intended to harm Syria’s reputation’.

The Amnesty International report tells about mass hangings over the short period of time from September 2011 and December 2015. The international lawyers insist that such mass executions have been authorised, and the highest levels of the Assaad’s government knew that.


The figures in the report of the human rights group were taken from the interviews with 84 witnesses, among them are ex-guards and other officials from Saydnaya jail as well as detainees. The justice ministry of Syria has released an official rejecting of such mass repression and executions, Sana agency informed.