UK promises to maintain EU grants for farming, science

August 14, 2016

The UK government promised on August 13, that will keep all its promises regarding the grants in EU. All planned funding will be delivered to the EU-funded agriculture, infrastructure and science projects. According to Philip Hammond, UK guarantees this support until 2020, even if Britain leaves the European Union before then.

On Saturday, the UK Treasury chief Philip Hammond made an important announcement, According to Hammond, UK keeps the funding of science and agriculture projects of EU until 2020. Of course, Brexit means Brexit, but Britain will keep its promises being even out of the European Union. None of the above-mentioned grants will be cancelled.

Uk is going to support the science and agriculture in EU further. The Great Britain’s treasury keeps it promise to fund the many projects, so until 2020 farmers and scientists throughout the EU will be able to begin multi-year research projects. Hammond reminded, that this funding guarantee would cost UK taxpayers about 4.5 billion pounds ($5.8 billion) a year.