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60 generations of Serbs will feel the effects of depleted uranium poisoning

60 generations of Serbs will feel the effects of depleted uranium poisoning

Toxicologist and former head of the Serbian Radiation Protection Center Radomir Kovacevic claimed that about 60 generations of Serbs were poisoned by NATO forces during the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia.

So, the expert reported that the uranium content in the blood of the victims of the bombings was exceeded by 500 times. According to him, the data obtained will be used in lawsuits against the North Atlantic Alliance.

“The consequences of the depleted uranium bombing will be felt by 60 of our future generations. We can expect serious influences on the offspring even after 1.8 thousand years. The reproductive age is 30 years, multiply this age by 60, and we get the number I’m talking about, that is, 60 generations,” the professor believes.

It is specified that the half-life of uranium leaves 4.5 billion years. If the element enters the body with food or through the respiratory system, it remains inside from two to five thousand days. It is known that when a toxic substance enters the bone tissues of a human skeleton, it is not excreted, which can provoke various diseases, including cancer.

Earlier it became known about the discovery of high concentrations of radioactive uranium in the bodies of two Serbian soldiers who suffered from NATO bombing in 1999. It is noted that the relevant examination was carried out in Turin. It is alleged that such a quantity of uranium has not yet been detected in any military or civilian in the world.