Today: Wednesday, 24 April 2024 year

According to this US citizenship welcome letter, Obama is still President

According to this US citizenship welcome letter, Obama is still President

Trump’s administration has sent the bunch of letters, which welcome the new US citizens. According to these White House letters, Barack Obama is President of the United States, the papers signed by his name, not Donald Trump.

The American President has one special duty among others – President always sends the welcome letter to every new citizen of the USA. The current POTUS Donald Trump seems to have dropped the ball on one of those — at least according to a letter received by one new U.S. citizen welcoming him to the US.

That letter was signed by President Barack Obama, that fact surprised one new US citizen. Obviously, that’s yet another thing the Trump administration hasn’t gotten around to taking care of yet.

US welcome letter signed by Barack Obama not Donald Trump

The White House still needs hundreds of top positions

The White House made such mistake because of luck of the staff, yes, it does. The presidential administration’s staffing isn’t currently at 100%, the hundreds of top positions sitting vacant. Of course, the HR-crisis caused the oversight with the US citizenship welcome letters.

According to the official report of the Partnership for Public Service, the position of Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services remains unfilled. No need to laugh at it, just let’s learn the ultimate moral of the story – always proofread your papers.