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Albania: Petrol bombs hurled at PM’s office by protesters

Albania: Petrol bombs hurled at PM’s office by protesters

Albanian opposition protesters hurled petrol bombs at the entrance of prime minister’s office on Saturday, Reuters reported. The demonstrations are continuing in country, protesters still wants Edi Rama to step down.

Albania’s prime minister should quit because of his links to corruptin schemes during the election, say the protesters. After three months of pro-democracy demonstrations, the activists were throwing petrol bombs at his office.

The wave of anti-government demonstrations in Albania was created by the opposition Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha who urged crowds to continue protests until PM Rama steps down from power. According to protesters, they want to live in “European Albania” and they need to liberate Albania from crime and corruption.

Thirty years after the dumping communism in Albania, the demonstartors are continuing to use the slogan from 1990s, they chant “We want a European Albania”.

Albania protests: the situation is getting worse

Albania is going to join EU, and recognizing progress, the European Commission recommended the Balkan country start accession talks last year. Despite this, European Council delayed the decision for this year in June as Albania overhauls its judiciary to flush out corrupt judges. According to protesters, PM Rama delays the joining EU, so, he should step down.

During a lull in the attacks at the premier’s building, opposition leader Lulzim Basha said they were “determined to keep waging a bigger and more resolute battle as long as the government was keeping Albania apart from Europe”.

“We are here with a mission, to liberate Albania from crime and corruption, to make Albania like the rest of Europe,” Basha told a crowd of several thousand of his supporters.