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Barack Obama is ‘ready’ to return to politics, Joe Biden says

Barack Obama is ‘ready’ to return to politics, Joe Biden says

Barack Obama is thinking about the politics, the ex-president is going to campaign for the Democratic Party. The former Vice President noted that Mr Obama does not plan to retire from politics yet, and that is really great news for all the Democrats of the USA.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden know each other for many years, they met again at an annual party dinner in New Hampshire where Mr Biden extinguished rumours he is going to run for President in 2020. In the light of these speculations, Biden said Mr Obama will help him to ‘shape the public debate’.

“I’m ready to help raise money, recruit candidates, campaign – so is Barack – wherever you want, just let me know,”

promised the ex-VP.

Obama and Biden

Barack Obama: first 100 days of the post-presidency

Barack Obama left the White House over 100 days ago, during this period he and Michelle had some rest. The ex-first couple has been spotted on vacation in the Caribbean and other islands in the sea.

On Monday, Mr Obama was spotted in Chicago University where he gave a speech and gently hinted on his coming back to the politics. This first post-presidency speech inspired a lot all the Democrats. That’s why the auditory at the Dem Party dinner in New Hampshire booed when Joe Biden addressed suggestions he might run for President in 2020.

“Guys, I’m not running,”

answered Mr Biden.