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Belgian royal fined for Spanish lockdown breach

Belgian royal fined for Spanish lockdown breach

Belgium’s Prince Joachim paid €10,400 for breaching quarantine rules set by Spain’s government. The royal allowed himself to attend a party in Cordoba last month, El Pais reported.

Prince Joachim tested positive for the COVID-19 in Belgium, after attending the party with at least 27 people. The party was really overcrowded, according to the current counter epidemic rules.

‘I deeply regret my actions,’ said Prince Joachim, who attended a party in Cordoba last month.

The prince had travelled to Spain for professional reasons, while Joachim’s girlfriend, Victoria Ortiz, is from the Andalusian city. The royal household did not explain how Joachim was allowed to travel to Spain and participate in the overcrowded gathering, despite Belgian rules banning citizens from going abroad and Spanish rules banning foreigners from entering the country, barring some exceptions.

Prince Joachim is in the good health conditions now, the Palace confirmed. The royal is a nephew of Belgium’s King Philippe. Last month, he apologized for his wrong decision to take part in the gathering in Spain. The royal’s press office issued the statement, in which Joachim added he would “accept the consequences.”

If he pays the fine €10,400 within 15 days, it will be reduced by half.

Meanwhile, Spain remains one of the worst affected countries in Europe by the COVID-19 outbreak, with over 27,000 deaths.