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Belgium to close all existing nuclear power plants

Belgium to close all existing nuclear power plants

Belgium has announced the government approved decision to close all nuclear energy plants on its territory by 2025. Despite that, the EU nation is going to invest in future nuclear technology.

The Belgian government on Thursday said it would shut all nuclear power plants (NPP). The ambitious goal should be reached in the next three years, but the MPs have agreed to develop the nuclear technologies. Over the weeks, the seven-party coalition has wrangled over the issue. While the Greens insisted the government adhere to a 2003 law on Belgium’s exit from nuclear power, francophone liberals want the two newest nuclear reactors kept open.

As part of a compromise, Belgium will continue to invest in future technologies that could see smaller plants opened up, VRT reported.

On Thursday, a core group of ministers agreed on a deal after talks. The last existing nuclear power plants are to close in 2025, as the 2003 law requires.

Belgium to invest in next-generation nuclear power

This week, the ministers had agreed to invest in carbon-neutral energies. The new approach would include channelling funds towards smaller modular reactors, which generate less power and are easier to contain in the event of any emergency, Prime Minister de Croo said.

“Our people and our companies are entitled to that,” he said, adding that the second objective was “to fully opt for innovation.”

Echoing the PM’s words, Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten said research would focus on sustainable, flexible and carbon-neutral energy sources.

“We already have a lot of expertise in this area in our country. We must now use this expertise so as not to miss the boat. Being early always pays off,” he said.