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Biden said about the cancer due to poor ecology

Biden said about the cancer due to poor ecology

U.S. President Joe Biden said he had cancer due to the effects of environmental pollution.

As the American leader said during his speech in Massachusetts, in the city of Claymont (Delaware), where he spent his childhood, there were many oil refineries, during frosts it was necessary to “literally wash off oil stains” from the windows.

“That’s why I and many other people I grew up with have cancer. And that’s why for a long time Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the country,” he said.

Subsequently, the White House press service clarified that Biden was referring to the treatment of skin cancer, which he underwent before taking office.

As noted, last year the President’s physician Kevin O’Connor released a report on his health, which did not mention any current cancer. Prior to the presidency, Biden had several non-melanoma skin growths removed, while O’Connor attributed their appearance to the fact that the American leader spent a lot of time in the sun in his youth.