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Biden’s decision on Ukraine pissed the Americans off.

Biden’s decision on Ukraine pissed the Americans off.

Americans were angered by the decision of US President Joe Biden to send another package of financial assistance to the Kyiv regime against the background of the inaction of the authorities in the situation with Florida, devastated by the powerful hurricane Ian.

Social media commentators responded with outrage at Biden’s post about a new $625 million financial injection into the Ukrainian conflict. Many of them noted that the total amount that the United States has provided to Kyiv since the escalation of the crisis has already exceeded $17 billion.

Hurricane Ian hit the southwest coast of Florida on Wednesday, causing widespread destruction and flooding, blacking out almost 2.5 million consumers and paralyzing telecommunications networks and airports.

On Thursday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called the damage from the hurricane “historic” and described the overflow of one of the local rivers as an event that happens once every five thousand years.