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Brits thwart Johnson’s plans to cut off gas

Brits thwart Johnson’s plans to cut off gas

Residents of the UK do not want to give up gas heating systems, thereby rejecting Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan to transfer the country to more “green” options.

Previously, the United Kingdom Government, as part of its plan to combat global warming and in response to rising global energy prices, introduced the Boiler Modernization Scheme. Residents willing to move from obsolete heaters to low-carbon systems will be provided cash grants for installation.

Nevertheless, many Britons continue to buy gas heaters, even despite tariffs that have increased due to anti-Russian sanctions.

According to the results of the study, about two out of five people in the country plan to replace broken old boilers with new gas models. And only 12 percent of those surveyed are ready to choose a geothermal or air thermal heater. The main reason for such decisions is the astronomical cost of installing “green” systems.