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Chanel responds to backlash over ‘culturally insensitive’ boomerang

Chanel responds to backlash over ‘culturally insensitive’ boomerang

Chanel’s misunderstanding with its boomerang is getting stronger, the fashion house has responded to online criticism over its high-priced product with Australian roots.

#Chanel boomerang is at the centre of attention since Tuesday when the U.S. makeup artist Jeffree Star posted an image of it to his Instagram page. A quiet common Australian black boomerang with Chanel’s logo made a lot of noise, that post has drawn in over 170,000 likes and caused a heated debate.

While some users are criticising Chanel for appropriating an aspect of Australian Aboriginal culture, others were incensed to learn of its £1,130 price tag. Rather surprising price even for Chanel, taking into account that boomerang was invented in Australia, not France. Here is the start of further misunderstanding and fashion scandal.


Chanel vs Boomerang

Chanel responds to backlash over ‘culturally insensitive’ boomerang. As the matter of fact, the boomerangs have traditionally been used by Australia’s indigenous people as a hunting weapon, with the tool designed to return to the thrower. Boomerang has very laconic but stylish construction, that’s true. Probably, this genius form of the indigenous device charmed Chanel designers.

The Australian device is part of Chanel’s spring 2017 sportswear range, which offers a tennis racket, tennis balls and a paddle board.

Nayuka Gorrie, an Aboriginal writer and activist, tweeted an image of the boomerang with the caption:

“When I think about Aboriginal culture, I think @chanel,”

going on to add:

“Have decided to save for the next three years so I can connect with my culture via @chanel.”

In response to the backlash, the Paris-based label, helmed by German couturier Karl Lagerfeld, has released a statement apologising for any offence caused. Karl is an extremely polite gentleman, he never allows Chanel to be involved in the scandal, and as of Wednesday, the boomerang remains available for purchase on the official Chanel website.