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Donald Trump ‘considered invading Venezuela’: report

Donald Trump ‘considered invading Venezuela’: report

President Trump considered invading Venezuela, confirmed a senior US administration official. Bob Baer, a former CIA operative, added the idea of a coup in Venezuela had been considering in intelligence circles over the years, and Trump had “got wind of it”.

Donald Trump believes oil-rich Venezuela is a mess, and the countries around it are scared. Last year, during the discussions on Venezuela in the Oval Office, President Trump asked why he could not just invade the country to restore the order.

Last autumn, Donald Trump was briefed not to mention the topic at a private meeting with leaders from four Latin American allies, but the first thing the president said was “my staff told me not to say this”. In fact, such a presidential move stunned presidential advisers at the time. Mr McMaster and other foreign policy advisers spent around five minutes answering the president’s query regarding Venezuela.

According to a former CIA operative Bob Baer, the Venezuelan exiles had been trying to “transmit a message” to the president and “he’s listening, clearly.”

President Maduro commented on Trump’s idea of invasion

Nicolas Maduro alluded to reports in the press which said that last August, Mr Trump asked advisers about the possibility of invading Venezuela, which the Trump administration has derided as a left-wing dictatorship. During the military ceremony, Venezuelan leader said:

“You cannot lower you guard for even a second, because we will defend the greatest right our homeland has had in all of its history, which is to live in peace.”

Donald Trump raised the idea in August 2017 during a meeting about sanctions the USA has imposed on oil-rich Venezuela, reports quoting a senior administration official said.