Today: Wednesday, 29 May 2024 year

Edward Snowden is glad Putin is ‘offering to return him to Trump as a gift’

Edward Snowden expressed his opinion regarding possible returning to the USA. The American spy is glad that he’ll be sent to the homeland as a ‘gift’ to Trump.

‘From Russia with love’, these words is extremely suitable to the sending back Mr Snowden, the American NSA whistle-blower who flew to Russia from the native country. On Friday, Snowden said that he’s glad to be sent to home as a ‘gift’h from one president to another.

Russia is considering sending Edward Snowden back to the United States as a 'gift' to President Donald Trump

Trump has tagged ex-agent of NSA a ‘spy’ and a ‘traitor’ who deserves to be executed, but Edward is glad to be back home. He even tweeted about it:

‘Finally: Irrefutable evidence that I never cooperated with Russian Intel. No country trades away spies.’

The Snowden’s inspired massive leaking of top secret documents in 2013 caused the uncovering NSA’s surveillance programs and he had to leave the USA. All this time the ex-spy lived in Russia, and now, the possible Edward’s handover is an attempt for Putin to ‘curry favour’ with Trump.