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Elections in Turkey may be postponed for up to six months.

Elections in Turkey may be postponed for up to six months.

General elections in Turkey may be postponed from six months to a year, the country’s High Electoral Commission (YSK) will take the corresponding initiative.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said earlier that general elections (both presidential and parliamentary) in Turkey are scheduled for May 14. The Turkish leader said that the government will propose to the parliament to accept this date, and in case of refusal, he will use the powers of the president – they are enough to dissolve the parliament and call early elections 60 days after the decree. Erdogan will be a candidate from the Union of the Republic. The coalition of six opposition parties has not yet announced a candidate. Earlier, the ex-speaker of the Turkish Parliament, former Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc called for postponing the elections, as “the country must get rid of pre-election stress” amid devastating earthquakes.

The ruling wing will refer the issue of postponing the elections to the YSK.

First, a decision will be made on the elections.

The YSK will then state that it has become virtually impossible to hold elections in full in four oblasts and partially in six oblasts (due to the effects of the earthquakes) and will ask for the elections to be postponed. So the election will be delayed by at least six months, possibly a year.