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EU-UK: new deadline over post-Brexit talks

EU-UK: new deadline over post-Brexit talks

The faith of Brexit will be clear on Sunday, said the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Both European officials set another deadline over post-Brexit negotiations after a three-hour dinner left the two sides “far apart,” Shine reports.

In its last effort to salvage trade talks, Boris Johnson came to Brussels where he and von der Leyen agreed that their negotiators should attempt one last push to bridge the gap.

“We had a lively and interesting discussion on the state of play across the list of outstanding issues,” EC head said in a statement after the dinner with the UK PM, though prospects for a breakthrough were slight.

Despite the leaders have “gained a clear understanding of each other’s positions,” they remain far apart,” von der Leyen concluded.

During the three-hour dinner, diplomats agreed to further discussions by their negotiating teams “over the next few days” and that a “firm decision” should be taken by Sunday. Just a new deadline over post-Brexit talks.

Months of trade talks have failed to bridge the gaps on Brexit

“A good deal is still there to be done,” the UK PM warned the Parliament before setting off for Brussels. As he believes, Britain would “prosper mightily” with or without a deal with the EU.

UK Foreign Secretary said the Sunday deadline set both sides for a decision was final. Although, he added “you can never say never entirely” because months of trade talks have failed to bridge the gaps. Three issues remain the stumbling blocks — fishing rights, fair-competition rules and the governance of future disputes.

The UK government sees Brexit as about sovereignty and “taking back control” of the country’s laws, borders and waters. It claims the EU is trying to bind Britain to the bloc’s rules indefinitely.

The executive body also proposed that Britain and the EU continue to offer reciprocal access to their fishing waters for up to a year.

In response, a UK government spokesperson said: “We will discuss practical arrangements with the EU. We will look very closely at the details,” while noting that Britain was already advanced in its own preparations.