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Four missing after being buried by avalanche in Swiss Alps

Four missing after being buried by avalanche in Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps rescue teams reported the searching for the missing people continues, the skiers reportedly were missing after being buried in an avalanche near Bovernier.

Four people were missing while skiing at an altitude of around 9,200ft when the incident happened in Swiss Alps, the local police said. The searching operation is underway, the group were hit by the morning avalanche in southwest Switzerland. Last week was very busy for the rescue teams, confirmed the local authorities from both sides of Alps.

All four were residents or natives of the region, the local media reported. Four helicopter teams deployed rescue squads and found a 37-year-old man died after he got buried under a 1.5-meter layer of snow.

In Austria, one person was killed and another seriously injured after getting caught in an avalanche. The two people were part of a group in the Rax mountain range, near the town of Reichenau. The injured person was flown to hospital by helicopter. Rescuers said no one else has been reported missing, but as a precaution the avalanche mountain area was searched, with no signs of anyone else being involved.