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G7 world leaders meet the Queen in Cornwall

G7 world leaders meet the Queen in Cornwall

The Queen hosted Group of Seven’s leaders at an evening reception in Cornwall. Prince Charles and his son, Prince William also attended the G7 event.

When the first day of political talks gave way to the “soft diplomacy” of the monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II hosted the reception. Ahead of the arrival of the royal family, many of the G7 leaders, some with spouses, walked through the flora and fauna at the visitor attraction on their way to the reception.

This year, three generations of the British royal family were present for the event staged at the Eden Project in Cornwall. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined the presidents, prime ministers and their partners during the reception. In fact, taking part in the G7 event means another milestone in Cambridges’ progression as senior royals.

The Queen was also joined by her eldest son, Prince of Wales, and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall. The 95-year-old monarch walked just ahead of Charles and Camilla and they were followed a few paces behind by William and Kate.

While the monarchy does not wield power but has influence and uses what is known as “soft diplomacy” to help the UK renew and strengthen friendships with its allies and partners around the world.

G7: social distance and Queen’s sense of humour

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and wife Carrie were waiting to greet the royal party when they arrived. After the 40-minute reception, they moved to an area to take a socially distanced group photo. Upon taking their seats and posing for a few moments, the monarch said: “Are you supposed to be looking as if you’re enjoying yourself?”

The leaders around the Queen laughed and Mr Johnson said emphatically “yes”.

The Queen insisted on borrowing a ceremonial sword to cut a cake during a royal engagement – prompting laughter from the Duchesses of Cornwall and Cambridge.