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George Clooney surprises 87-year-old fan with birthday flowers

George Clooney surprises 87-year-old fan with birthday flowers

George Clooney is a gentleman, no doubt. On Sunday, the Hollywood A-star made a classy gesture and surprised his 87-year-old fan with a bouquet for her birthday. Mr Clooney proved one more time that anything is possible and dreams come true.

George Clooney has a style and grace, he is a gentleman to the tips of his fingers, say his friends and colleagues. Amal Clooney is very proud of her husband who made a real gesture like a man with a wide soul. On Sunday, the Oscar-winning star turned up unexpectedly at Sunrise of Sonning, a care home in Berkshire. This visit was caused by the birthday of Pat Adams, the Sunrise resident who was celebrating her 87th birthday with the bouquet from her idol – George Clooney.

Sunrise staff had written to Clooney, who lives nearby in Sonning, telling him a visit would make Pat’s dreams come true.

“This was a classy gesture from a wonderful man,”

a Sunrise spokesman said.

Pat Adams was absolutely thrilled to meet her icon, no need to say how much the old lady with that lovely surprise. According to the staff, Mrs Adams dreamed see George Clooney in flesh but even in her wildest dreams, she imagines he will greet her with flowers and a card personally.

The Sunrise staff regularly try to fulfil their residents’ wishes as part of an ongoing programme and none thinks they would be able to pull this one off but Mr Clooney.

Amal and George Clooney bought a house in the village of Sonning in 2014, the Sunrise is situated not so far from their residence, so Pat Adams just started to dream of George’s visit.

Sonning, Clooney's residence