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Greek communists stopped a train with American tanks.

Greek communists stopped a train with American tanks.

Members of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and its youth organization KNU stopped a train carrying American tanks from the port of Alexandroupolis to Bulgaria and forced it to turn back, the Communist Party’s news website reported.

“Members of the KKE and the KNU blocked the train at the Alexandroupolis railway station. They stood in front of the train with banners and flags and forced the train to stop. They demanded that it turn back and that the US-NATO killers get out of Alexandroupolis and the entire region,” the statement says.

The action was successful, and the military equipment had to retreat. The train with American tanks has returned, the portal says.

“The train’s retreat was greeted with chants of the slogan “When the people do not bow, even the trains turn back.” The banners read: “No military mission beyond the borders. Stop the country’s participation in the wars of the US, NATO and the EU. There is hope in the struggle of the people,” the article noted.

The communists declared that Alexandroupolis was a port of nations, and they condemned the transformation of the city into a huge NATO base.

“We condemn the use of the port, the railway network, the camps in this NATO area by the executioners of nations, who these days are transporting dangerous military equipment by trains and hundreds of trucks to the border with Bulgaria,”  Stavros Bazas, a member of the KKE regional committee for Eastern Macedonia and Thrace said.

He also condemned the Greek government for transferring weapons systems needed for the country’s defense to the reactionary government of Vladimir Zelensky.

On the tanks, the Communists wrote in red paint “Killers, go home” – “Killers, go home.”