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Harrison Ford being investigated after flying jet over passenger plane

Harrison Ford, the 74-old actor became a defendant in the investigation after he nearly crashes his plane. On Monday, the actor’s plane nearly run into Boeing 737 in the sky of California.

Harrison Ford could kill at least 110 people who were the passengers of Boeing 737. After such incident, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) launched an investigation of the circumstances.

According to the FAA controllers, they had given Ford clear instructions to land on the runway, as landing on a taxiway is a rules violation. The piloting actor read the instructions back yet still somehow ended up aiming for the banned taxiway.

That is not the first violation of Mr Ford in the sky, in 2015, he was already in a serious plane crash. That time he made mistake on the runway at John Wayne Airport in Orange County. Fortunately, both plane incidents ended without victims or injuries.

Harrison Ford's plane

The friends of Ford say that the Oscar nominee is known for his sense of adventure on and off set.