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Imran Khan accuses Donald Trump of ‘pushing Pakistan away’

Imran Khan accuses Donald Trump of ‘pushing Pakistan away’

Imran Khan, new Pakistani prime minister and the former cricketer, accused the White House of pushing Pakistan away, Washington Post reported. In the light of the recent developments, Pakistan was growing closer to China because of cooling relations with the US.

After Donald Trump launched a tirade against Pakistan accusing the country of duplicity despite billions of dollars of military assistance, Imran Khan hit back, saying his country will no longer be a “hired gun” to fights US’s wars and do a damn thing to help the White House.

“I would never want to have a relationship where Pakistan is treated like a hired gun — given money to fight someone else’s war,” Mr Khan told the WP.

his week, PM Khan disclosed the White House’s intentions to bring peace to Afghanistan as part of President Trump’s push to jump-start negotiations, Pakistan’s government should help in it. Such Washington’s move was rather surprising because it has long accused Pakistan of harbouring Taliban leaders and want the country to use its influence on the militants to bring them to the negotiating table. On Wednesday, Pakistani PM met with a US peace envoy in Islamabad and pledged to help find a political solution to the long-running war.

Imran Khan said peace in Afghanistan was in Pakistan’s interest and vowed to put pressure on the Afghan Taliban but said it was “easier said than done” with “about 40% of Afghanistan now out of the government’s hands”.